About us

We are Laura and Jonas, two young people who love history, nature and art in all its forms. This was reason enough for us to set off and leave a confortable place in which we spent the 22 years of our existence.

One morning, we walked out the door and took the overland road to India. Well, at least this is what we told those who had the kindness of helping us out, whilst we were hitchhiking through Europe. They probably didn’t take it seriously, and just answered „yep. That’s on the way“. Unfortunately, due to a series of unexpected events, we did not get there (yet!).

We planned on getting to India in five months, which should have been enough to cross Asia by land. We wanted to capture every beautiful detail and moment that we were to have on our way, all the things we would have missed if we had simply gotten on a plane. We wanted to see the landscapes slowly changing. We wanted to feel how great our world is and how rich its cultures are. All these things that suddenly disappear when a few hours spent in the sky are enough to connect together the farthest places of the planet.

We are happy to look back and see that, until now, we succeeded. The choice we made led us to meet wonderful people, who welcomed us to their home, in every places we have been to. That’s how we got the chance to admire the beautiful Russian landscape, covered with snow, through the frozen windows of the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway. That’s how we got to cross the Mongolian endless steppes, where, once in a while, a group of camels peacefully rest. That’s how we were taught the art of making a proper tea ceremony, a calm and relaxing moment were one forgets the tumultuous life of Beijing. And that’s how we got introduced to the Vietnamese art of living, in a place whose natural beauty leaves us speechless.